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In the post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts area, you play as the the "Sole Survior" of Vault 111, recently revived from centuries of forced cryostasis, determined to find your kidnapped son.

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original title: Fallout 4

genge: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi


imdb: 9.2




keywords: playstation4, xboxone, roleplayinggame, singleplayer, sequel, fourthpart, microsoftwindows, openworld, bostonmassachusetts, retrofuture, postapocalypse

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As the survivor treks the hazardous wasteland of the common wealth he/she faces many feats amoung friendly followers and foes. As your son has been taken from your safe home of vault 111 you set out to find him facing many enemies and collecting gear in the open world of Boston. Fallout 4 is an open-world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. In it, the player begins as a parent and spouse in the year 2077, but then must enter Vault 111 to survive the nuclear apocalypse. The player becomes the last remaining survivor of Vault 111 as he/she emerges into the nuclear wasteland in 2287, amidst the ruins of the city of Boston.. Fallout 4 is a role playing game in a post apocalyptic setting. The story follows the Sole Survivor who was frozen for two hundred years. During the time the Sole Survivor was frozen, he/she temporarily thaws out and witnesses the murder of his/her spouse and the kidnapping of their son. Once the Sole Survivors thaws out again a few years after that incident, you're given the main mission to go find your son.

When I started to play to fallout 4 I was always forced to be alerted at all times since many of the wild animals try to kill any living thing on sight and the first creatures you come across are a lot of gigantic cockroaches, blood bugs (giant mosquitoes), mole rats, and feral ghouls. These creatures aren't tough however, they move around quickly and with limited ammo it can be challenging. As you level up, it gets easier in a way where you start picking up stronger armor or weapons and when you're a high enough level you actually start going against legendary enemies that drop legendary items.

Another thing to look forward to is the perk system. I personally love how this perk system has improved over the series of Fallout. For each level you gain you get a perk point. You can spend your perk point on your character's traits called SPECIAL perks. SPECIAL is an acronym for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. For each letter there's ten levels and you can spend your perk on any of these sections if you meet the level requirement. Some examples are Black Smith which can help you improve your weapons and gain access to better mods for your gun, Locksmith which improves your ability to pick stronger locks, this is a trait you can also have Skyrim, Black Widow/Lady killer is where you do more damage to your opponent of the opposite gender as your character, and the one I max out quickly as possible is strong back a carrying capacity perk. I know that last perk sounds a little lame, but it's useful for the next thing I'm going to mention.

Settlements! Either love them or hate them, everybody wants to be in them, few protect them, but who actually leads them? Surprise, the player does. There's this new thing called workshop. With this new ability of workshop you can access for each settlement that joins with the Minutemen, you get to care for people living in them. If the player wants 100/100 happiness for the settlements the player has to focus on what makes a settlement great like food, beds, water, and defense. It's mostly simple, you plant fruits and veggies and assign people to gardening for food, craft beds with cloth and steel, place a pump in the dirt for water which requires steel, concrete, and a gear, for defense you build turrets or post for the settlers to stand guard at. With the leadership perk it's possible to build stores in the settlements and it brings happiness to settlers. However this is just the surface of what can possibly be built with settlements. A limit is the amount materials you have like steel, gears, wood. If you don't have enough materials this is where strong back perk comes in. With the strong back perk you can carry these things called junk which varies for the different types of materials you need to build your turrets, beds, pumps, and such and if you're thinking "that's it?" you can, get ready for this, you can also use this junk to modify your weapons too.

Even though I summarized the game earlier, it still doesn't do justice for how interesting the game is. You're main motif is to find your son and you later find out that he's being "held" under The Institute however, there's a twist that might persuade the player to join The Institute and do their ending oh yeah, there's multiple endings for the player to choose from. In a apocalyptic world there's going to be groups that rise higher than the rest and that's exactly what happens. You have The Institution, which are the most technology advanced and the one's who are behind the creations of Synths and the experimental vaults, The Brotherhood of Steel which are soldiers who have access to top tier power armor that fight against Mutants, Ghouls, and Synths and have a strong dislikes to them even towards the friendly ones (I think they're like Nords in Skyrim.. .Racist), Minutemen are the people who accept and protect small communities that are all joined together, and Railroad is a secret group of people who protect and relocate synths to different areas because they believe they're still human in a way (Synth lives matters). If you fully side with one of these factions it varies the endings, so be careful with each decision you make.

This game is chock full of side missions and it gets addicting, I can't stress enough how hooked I got on this game, and with family members who also succumbed to the wide world of Fallout 4 I got so committed to this game. I wish I could say more about this game like the followers with much more personality than Skyrim's, the fresh dialogue, and that jamming radio however, it's better for whoever is reading this just to play the game. Let me just say this, instead of the typical beating a game and feeling empty inside, You beat Fallout 4 and think what other missions can I do? Or which Ending should I do next? What can I do differently? Can I romance every follower? Honestly, this game had me whipped to the fluff. If you ever feel like you can't find a mission remember, another settlement needs your help. Mind you that assigning a score depends on one's parameters. Old gamers, familiar either to the genre or to the franchise, will most likely not enjoy the game, or at least find it to be a retrocession. Newcomers might not mind much of the absence of depth, lore, memorable characters and plot. Considering Bethesda had 4 years to develop this game, the game frustrates quite often. Things I enjoyed about F4: there were marginal improvements on the graphics, they are better, but hardly ''next-gen''. The shooting system has improved, too. It feels more realistic. Power armor (an advanced kind of armor) is more plausible, and has a particular feel to it. There is a greater variety of possibilities of modifying your weapons, and armor. The crafting system is better, but it's a shame they have left ammunition crafting out. The game does, on the other hand, feel smoother and more modern. Things I haven't enjoyed about F4: pretty much everything else. The game seems to have been deliberately wrapped up in a wonderful, magical, envelope. Worry not! A few minutes into the game, and all the magic disappears, and you're introduced into a clich辿d plot, which is in the best of Bethesda's grand tradition of linear plots and choices which bear little or no influence in the outcome. Take the new settlement system. If you want to work on them, be prepared to waste huge amounts of time. Unlike New Vegas, in which every interaction seemed to have a consequence for the world in some way, this has none. So, basically you waste your time on a insipid system, and that is all for nothing, except your own imagination of how that might shape the Wastelands. So, Bethesda seems to have carefully crafted aspects of the game which were certain to draw everyone's attention, packaged them carefully, made promotional videos, events with highly selected aspects of the game (which looked bright, modern, different)... but seems to have put so little time and effort in what makes Fallout such a wonderful franchise. I think Fallout has a unique formula of open-world, rpg, action. Everyone knows it's not a pure RPG, but Bethesda has really made it this time: RPG is so thin in this game, that you can safely say that formula changed. It's a huge disappointment. Not only you don't have much stake in what's going on, except in a very linear fashion, but your character is as forgettable as it can be. Oh, the dialogue system, you'd think that, having invested so much in voice acting, they'd something better, but it's the opposite: it's the worst dialogue system of the franchise, and shows a true regression. -Factions are hardly memorable. If you don't want to go New Vegas, that's fine, but F4 has really done bad at this. -Companions follow in the same line, and are another great disappointment. -Bethesda has also decided to scrap the old skill/perk/special system, streamlining it (to put it mildly), simplifying it, to the result of losing the enjoyment of building your own character. It's more like you can be everything, now. -XP system is just another reflex of the overall tone of this game: it rewards quantity, not quality. Kill legendary enemies, kill bugs, it's all the same. -The world... maybe it is bigger than the previous ones, but it doesn't feel so. It followed F3's tradition of ''islands'': there's little connection between places. You may find that some of these places are worlds in themselves. In some cases, this would nice, and even plausible, considering the isolation induced the hostile environment. But expect no background, nothing significant about them, no lore. It's fragmented, there a few NPCs, most of which you won't remember a few moments afterwards, anyway. There was a nice feel in the previous game to finding these exquisite places, with weird people, strange stories (remember F3, you'd find a republic up in the middle of nowhere, or strange folks who venerated a tree). Fallout 4 is just a generic game, and you can expect but vestiges of the uniqueness of the franchise. The scale of it just outdated at its point, and one would be willing overlook this, if the game offered a rich plot, which it does not.

All in all, Fallout 4 is a game that carries the franchise name, but is really more of a generic action, open-world shooter. It has lost much of its identity, its uniqueness, it has changed the formula, and made it a forgettable, unmemorable game, with a scale and an engine that are not compatible with the year 2015 and the time they took to develop it. In short, the game lost much of what it stood for. Bethesda has a very poor take on the Fallout world, added nothing to the franchise, took several steps back, while offering marginal improvements in some cases, replacement and simplification in most others, removing every tiny bit of complexity, stake the player might have, depth, and lore. It's obviously aimed at massification, and probably all the complaints about the game won't be heard, due to the asymmetric marketing campaign by Bethesda (we can't compete with their money), which selects shiny aspects of the gameplay and the world, and offers trivialities, which divert the masses' attention from its issues, and Bethesda's complete lack of creativeness, innovation, and boldness. I don't mind changes, but these are for worse.

I gave it 5 out of 10 because it's a big world, in terms of how much time you can spend running around it, though each place individually is uninteresting and for the most part implausible, and you can have fun exploring it, doing unmemorable, linear quests, shooting stuff, but still fun. As I said before, many people won't notice nothing of what I said. Hopefully, in the future, developers will understand that they can make a lot of money doing games that people will never forget about. Sadly, this is not the case.


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